M.S.M. College, Kayamkulam
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  • Welcome to the website of Post Graduate Department of English MSM College Kayamkulam Kerala.
  • B A and M A Restructured syllabi and Class Notes available with the resources link.
  • International Conference 0n 3,4,5october 2018
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      M.S.M College, Kayamkulam, founded in 1964 by the visionary legend Al Haj P.K Kunju Sahib has always been  instrumental in the socio-economic progression of Central Travancore. This Shrine of Letters adorns the pride of igniting the latent potential of the youth hailing mostly from the lower rung of the society.The glowing track record of social service has not in any way induced lethargy in our striving for excellence but only re-energised us.The fully automated College library is a special asset of pride to this institution.

The Department of English

                 The Department of English occupies a pioneering status in the history of M.S.M College, as it was established along with the inception of the college in 1964. During the initial phase, it functioned as a vital instrument in imparting communicative competence in a global medium, to students pursuing undergraduate courses in other disciplines. In a short span of time, the Department attained a steady course of progress in terms of academic excellence and infrastructural facilities. In recognition of the merit and achievements of the Department, the University of Kerala to which the college is affiliated, sanctioned B.A. Degree Course in English Language and Literature in 1970. Another milestone in the academic evolution of the Department was the sanctioning of the Post Graduate Course in English Language and Literature in 2001. Guided by a succession of eminently qualified Heads of the Department and supported by a sincerely motivated faculty, the Department of English of M.S.M. College has been making rapid strides in attaining greater heights of academic performance. The faculty of English has also asserted its commitment to the student community through allied activities like organization of academic conferences, seminars, literary festivals,and P.T.A and Alumni meets. Placement drives are regularly conducted in addition to  Consultancy and counselling sevices. Efforts are on to prepare a registry of the  former students of the department who adorn covetable position in India and abroad.With the concerted effort of the Management,the faculty,the UGC,the students and the alumni, it has been a dream-run to transform the Department of English from its humble origin to its modern guise characterised by the state- of- the- art technological features like multimedia equipments, internet and smart classroom with interactive board and a language lab. The department Library has also been expanded in terms of quantity and quality.

      Perfection is not  a desirable quality in any human activity as it preempts the scope and efforts for further improvement. Far from being content with the palms and laurels won in the past,the faculty of the departement has constantly  been in search  of novel ways and means to serve  the interests of the students as well as the society at large.                             


Al HaP.K. Kunju Sahib FounderMSM Group of                Institutions.


 Al Haj P.A.Hilal Babu              Manager